Saturday, 19 March, 2011

Hello again

A lot has happened over the last few months. I've moved jobs, and moved from Chennai to Pune. I spent two weeks in Pune before leaving again on assignment. 
Those two weeks were enough for me to begin to make friends and become a regular at Skips (sensational scrambled eggs, the world's best mango smoothie and tuna sandwiches with bits of apple in them, all of it conceptualised, cooked and served to you by this lady you’ll start calling ‘aunty’ within five minutes of meeting her for the first time) and this other place near office that introduced me to the concept of the bajri wada (or bajra wadi).
And this assignment has kept me in Delhi long enough for me to have become a regular at Changezi Chicken (home of the eponymous dish consisting of bits of slow-cooked chicken in a tangy, thick gravy that contains a host of mystery ingredients – they’re mysterious because I haven't asked anyone or googled, and don't want to for fear of mundanising [yes, that word now exists] the thing) and one of the 316787 (I don’t know the exact number – it’s on the blackboard) people who have wept joyously over (and into) a bowl of khao suey at The Kitchen, and for me to call this hotel room home in Daryaganj ‘home’ in unguarded moments. 
Home, of course, is a place redolent of vazhaithandu vadhakkified with thenga and turmeric and I'm not sure if it's paitham paruppu or ulutham paruppu, tempered with mustard seeds and one magical slit green chilli that makes all the difference.