Tuesday, 4 May, 2010

A Moment in Time

After the first wave of responses to their photo project, the editors at the New York Times Lens Blog noted that
"Another impulse discernible among the early submissions was domesticity. Rather than looking for broadly symbolic visual emblems, readers concentrated on showing their worlds (and maybe a few more cats, dogs, tulips and coffee cups than we hoped to see, if truth be told)."
Well, that's what happens when you ask people to shoot pictures on a Sunday.
I, however, was at work that evening, from about six to eleven thirty (yes, such is my life). At around 8.20, I walked out of office and onto Anna Salai, and ended up shooting this ice cream cart.
I eagerly await the moment when the picture mosaic goes up on the NYT website. They promise "an interactive display that will allow you to sort them geographically and thematically."
Should be awesome.