Tuesday, 2 February, 2010


Today, the right armrest of my office chair is at a higher level than the left armrest.
I don't know how this happened, but it's created a curious situation.
You see, this chair swivels. And I swivel a lot. And now, each time I swivel to my left, the right armrest hovers above the right CTRL key of my keyboard. 
I lean forward when I read stuff on the computer. Under the present circumstances, this causes the armrest to press the CTRL key.
And when I'm reading stuff, I scroll. You do that too, I'd imagine. Only, you don't press CTRL while you scroll. 
Holding CTRL when you scroll causes the text size to either increase or decrease, depending on the direction of the scrolling. This, in short, has been happening all day.


oof ya! said...

your post has lead to an extremely interesting situation with me playing madly with the control key and the text size reducing ad infinitum. have you figured out how to rescue it's digestion?

Ghanshyam Nair said...

Digestion? Chamomile tea, perhaps? Rosehip is also pretty good, I've heard.

oof ya! said...

green works best. or black. with lemon, i'm told.

- Ubiquitous - said...


Keep distance from your desk, I say! :D