Wednesday, 25 November, 2009

Not unridiculous

I need a haircut. It is beyond long overdue. Currently, my hair is at that stage of its life-cycle where it's begun to infiltrate my ears.
I do not like the irritating tickle of hair in my ears. It is, I think, the number one cause of headaches in humans.
Right now, I don't have a headache. This state of affairs, however, is dangerously impermanent.
Apart from infiltrating my ears, my hair's also begun to curl at the ends. But not uniformly.
If you criss-cross the top of my head with latitudes and longitudes, and if the dudes who came up with the Divine Ratio assign values to each co-ordinate point based on the aesthetic desirability of curly hair upon that point, the curliness of each hair on my head would be inversely proportional to its positional aesthetic value. Behind my ears, above the nape of my neck, and basically encompassing the latitude on my head that would roughly correspond to the Tropic of Cancer, are located the curliest strands of hair. Which, frankly, would look ridiculous on anyone. Framing an otherwise not-unridiculous face such as mine, it's even worse.