Thursday, 5 March, 2009

More handkerchief nostalgia

When I was a kid, my laces were always undone. I was always told that I'd trip on them and break my fall by breaking my nose. It never happened.
I did once trip and fall and land on my jaw, however. One of my teeth broke.
But that wasn't due to a shoelace coming undone. What happened was, I was tripped from behind by a chap when he and I and a bunch of other chaps were playing football, on a basketball court, with a tennis ball.
Ah, the memories. Tasting blood, getting up, shaking off the dust from my person, reassuring my friends that I was okay to carry on, scoring a goal about five minutes later - a low shot driven into the bottom corner from the edge of the basketball D - going back home in a friend's car, feeling a mild sense of something not quite feeling right, putting food on my plate - lemon rice - putting a spoonful in my mouth, looking down to find a tooth on the plate.
Even now, I wear a false tooth. It's one of those false teeth which have a large bit that fits snugly into your upper-palate, a false tooth that you can pull out of your mouth when you brush your teeth, and apply the brush to separately. It was supposed to be temporarily in place until I went back to the dentist to get a permanent one fixed - permanently - in my mouth. I never got round to doing that. My dad - on one of his visits to the dentist - asked him if it's okay, and the dentist said it's okay.
Between losing my tooth and getting a false tooth, there was a gap of one day. And it was a weekday. And I went to school and freaked everyone out for a while before feeling embarrassed and speaking with my hanky clutched to my face.
There was another day in school when my hanky spent a lot of time clutched to my face, in a stationary, non-wiping-nose manner. That day, a zit appeared in probably the worst place for a zit to appear, right below the nose, on what's known as - and a friend of mine revealed this to me during one of those trivia-swapping sessions - the philtrum.
Trust me, you do not want a zit in your philtrum.


Padma Priya said...

Well..i had a false tooth too :D and it was soon replaced by a permanent one hehe ! :D and is horrid to have a zit on the phil..wateva! :)) It's always fun to read ur blog KK!!Simple situations written about so beautifully with a touch of humour! :) Keep writing! :)

Tashi said...

Ah. Good old days! I remember both the days quite clearly. That zit was one bad motherfucker! I kept telling you to pop it but you wanted to wait till it burst open naturally. Then you went home and popped it anyways. I also told you about aglets. Remember aglets?

Ghanshyam Nair said...

I totally remember aglets. Those are the thingies on the ends of shoelaces, no?

Srivatsan Gopinath said...

your shoelaces are still undone and there's still time to break your nose chap....... strangely enough, i seem to remember you holding your handkerchief to your face in a non-nose-wiping-way once. not sure which of these occasions it was though.....

Jean said...

A zit in your philtrum?

Wow. That must have been pretty! :P