Wednesday, 11 March, 2009


Aglets. I bet you don't know what aglets are. I didn't either, until I was told what they are, by the same dude who told me what the philtrum is, on the same day. The aglet, he informed me, is the little thingy on the end of your shoelaces.
He didn't use those exact words, but if he did, he'd have been wrong. For my shoelaces that day would surely have long lost their aglets, through wear, tear, and my refusal to tie them properly.
Today, however, I wear shoes with laces that loudly assert their agletedness whenever they come undone, with a faint, but not so faint as to be un-discernible, tinkle. For my aglets are made of brass, or some similarly metallic substance. And they've remained steadfastly fastened to the end of my laces, partly because they're bonded on by some combination of superglue and opposite-charge attraction - in comparison to the faint-hearted transparent plastic aglets rolled around the laces of my school shoes - but mostly because I now redo my laces whenever they come undone.
That's partly because they look kinda nifty and I don't want to lose them, but mostly because of the tinkle.
The aglet that tinkles most lasts longest. My first contribution to the universe-sized fund of meaningless sayings. If this ever becomes popular, and gets recited in a hundred and seventy two countries in twenty thousand languages, I imagine that whoever reads about the dude who coined it - me - would imagine I had a beard.
(This is a response to Rajesh Madhini's response to my previous post)


- Ubiquitous - said...

I'm glad I learned a new word today, apart from the word 'ululate' courtesy! :D

Sounds like a character out of Shakespeare's mind - Aglet!

And yeah, fun post. :)

Ghanshyam Nair said...

Thank you... And I looked up ululate too. Upon discovering the meaning I bellowed forth an ululation that brought my mum running into my room to find out if I'm alright.
Okay, I lied.

Tashi said...

I wanna see these tinkling aglets. Hear them, actually.

Srivatsan Gopinath said...

it was a lot of fun trying to tear up those aglets........

Jean said...

As pointless as that post was, I had immense fun reading it.

Nice blog you've got!