Sunday, 3 February, 2008

Has Ghanshyam nothing to say?

It’s been a while. Two months and eight days, to be precise.

Looking at my shoutbox, I spy three consecutive comments from Vin that read, in chronological order:

  • New blog post man. Type!!!
  • Dei, update!
  • I give up, man. I give up.... bugger

I suspect that Vin wasn’t the first reader of this blog to give up. In fact, I’d commend the lad for coming back repeatedly despite knowing that a new post would be as likely a sight as… well, some very unlikely sight… think of one yourself, for crying out loud!

As you can see, my ability to conjure up similes has evaporated.

Is my blog nearing its sell-by-date? Or is it merely in a period of transition? Will it, like a something, rise from the other thing, and take its place in that thing whose name is on the tip of my tongue?

Has Ghanshyam nothing to say?

Is this a sign that the real Ghanshyam Nairs of this world are not amused by my appropriation of their name? Is the collective angst of the real Ghanshyam community tearing to pieces selective portions of the fabric of space-time, rendering me unable to blog?

Will I always be a pseudo-Ghanshyam; a wannabe-Ghanshyam?

Will I ever again type a sentence that doesn’t end with a question mark?


Harini-aka-Megha said...

oi!!! you chilloso, you'll be fine!

it's just a phase... busy lives eating us all up...!

your ability to conjure smiles hasnt evaporated.... if it makes you feel any better, you might want to recollect rajinikant's dialogue - "koodavae porandhadhu eppovum vittutu pohaadhu" or something along those lines!

sanjuayyar said...

I think that was 'similes' and not 'smiles,. Nevertheless, these couple of new posts aren't quite there. Ghanshyam can do much much much better. Kya boltay?