Thursday, 24 May, 2007

Do you want su-do-ku on the sidebar?

Computers hang, crash and do things that no one with a conscience would do. The need to act antisocial pervades through every molecule of silicon and quite naturally, my computer decided to throw a temper tantrum of biblical proportions a couple of weeks back. My hard drive decided it would cease to function, just like that, without any warning; and I was left watching the ‘one or more of your disks need to be checked for consistency’ thing over and over again, like one of those weird time loop scenarios where you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again with no foreseeable change of scenery in sight.

Having to spend two weeks of my life without such glorious forms of entertainment as Google talking with people, asking them that most puzzling of life’s questions - ‘what’s up?’, bracing myself for the inevitable reply ‘nothing much…’ and so on, was not pleasant. To compound my misery, the Madhini brothers had gone off to scare the inhabitants of Malluland with their hairstyles and scar them for life, and there wouldn’t be any cricket either. There was also a gnawing fear that all my beautiful data would resist being recovered from that defunct hard drive, and I would have to painstakingly look for sources of free downloads of all those beautiful old songs all over again. The weather was acting like a fair weather friend, plunging me deeper into melancholy.

Everywhere else, everyone else seemed to my fevered imagination to be doing great things, forging ahead while I was sitting around cursing the weather and watching reruns of Hell’s Kitchen. I imagined I’d come back online, put a new post on my blog and find all my pals telling me disdainfully, with one raised eyebrow, that blogging is passé (I have friends who say stuff like that) and they’re all into flooping, or quorfing, or something of the sort.

Things turned out okay, however, and the latest innovation in blogville turns out to be putting su-do-ku on the sidebar, which, depending on the response I get from readers, I may or may not do. In response to this post, therefore, I request you all to let me know whether you want su-do-ku on my blog; or, if the case may be, not.