Friday, 27 April, 2007

What do you call that thing chameleons do with their eyes?

Ah… morning everyone. It has been a while since I’ve put stuff other than peripheral decoration on my blog. I guess it has a lot to do with the fact that I had things on my mind; things like examinations, and how to look like I’m studying without actually doing so. My parents didn’t fall for it, and they never do; but there’s no harm trying. Filling in application forms, only one form actually, has also taken away another major chunk of my time; and filling this form involved 100 word essays and plenty of soul searching to find out how best I can sound earnest, sincere and totally focussed on life; which is not something that comes naturally to me. But all that is done, and until the next form filling deadline closes in, I shall try to do what every self respecting blogger does upon finishing college, which is to take a look back with one eye, a look ahead with another, and end up looking like a chameleon or some other reptile with eye muscles independent of each other; I’ll need to ask some of my aspiring biologist friends for the scientific term for it.

Three years of college, three times 365 days, minus all those holidays and suchlike (no, there wasn’t a leap year in that period) – it all went past a little too quick for me to make any sense of it. That clichéd sentence (thank you, Microsoft Word, for having put that curvy diagonal thing on top of the e for me) ‘It seems like yesterday when we were all standing around near those stairs (the three steps and the patio-like thing with a ramp below our department building upon which we have sat so often and got shouted at for doing so by those computer science faculty chaps even more often) for the first time, saying weird things like ‘I’m Karthik; but you can call me KK’’ (how does one do a quoted sentence inside another quoted sentence?) rings very true. We’ve had to cope with not being first year chaps anymore, then second year chaps; and now we are no longer students of the visual communication department of DG Vaishnav College, Arumbakkam, Chennai (I’m not too sure what the pin code is, so we’ll have to do without that). Being part of that place was, for the most part, a period in our lives full of laughter, swearing at each other in a friendly manner, watching tons of movies and playing, at various points in time, football, table tennis, hand tennis and that bizarre ball game ‘puncture’ in the studio; and cricket matches all over the place. All of this has taught us lessons our textbooks would never have been able to teach us, for the simple reason that we never had any. We have travelled; climbed reasonably high peaks on top of caves, trekked uphill and downhill; we have eaten copious amounts of anjeer kulfi, and danced around like crazed maniacs at the Kailash Kher concert in Pune. We played some more cricket, some more football. We have shot some decent films, some lousy documentaries and some awesome ads and had a thoroughly great time doing all that.

There won’t be too much more, if any, of all that anymore. I do not want to sound like I’m about to cry or get all emotional and aloof for two days, because that sort of thing happening doesn’t appear very likely; especially since we are still in the ‘Let’s go play footie on the beach!!! Turn up for cricky tomorrow morning, bum!!! Let’s watch 300 in the afternoon!!!' phase right now. There’ll be a couple of months of that, and then we’ll end up doing something with our lives, and then the inevitable thing will happen – a smooth transition into the next phase of life. It happened to me after school. I missed the place, but DG Vaishnav College, Arumbakkam, seemed like a coolish place as well.


Arunesh Kumar said...

600106…… Is the postcode for Arumbakkam.


It has been awesome three years Laddie. Honestly, the best in my life. I've done so much in these three years, other than actually studying, but the lessons life has taught in these three years is far superior to anything that could have been taught by few of the lousy faculties out there or in any college for that matter.

When the juniors complain about how lousy college life is, I remember telling them that it all depends on how good your friends are and I have got just that, Good Friends!

My mind is refusing to get used to saying good bye. In fact, where is good in good bye?

Hoping to stay in touch for years to come.......

KK Iyer said...

dei... ivlo emotional-a aaha vendam da... we will stay in constant touch... apdinu nenachittu kaalam-oattifying is going on...